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UWP Luxe

UWP Luxe Fuchsia Paper artisan cards

UWP Luxe Fuchsia Paper artisan cards

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UWP Luxe Fuchsia Paper artisan cards

Artwork by Hiromi Takeda, a pop-up artist from Japan who uses paper to capture the ephemeral beauty and essence of blooming flowers.

Front copy in Gold foil: Fuchsia
Inside : Blank. 
4″ x 7.25″
Printed in full color on textured artisan paper and finished with gold foil and debossing.
Warm white envelope

UWP Luxe employs artisans to create greeting cards. Each design features elaborately foiled pop-ups and dainty details that are carefully hand-crafted and finished with care.

UWP Luxe transforms paper into beautiful designs and explores the possibilities of a modest medium. They create products that resonate with the recipient.

Images courtesy of UWP Luxe
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